Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday started out to be quite a promising day.  Carly had work from 10-5 while I had a group project on Campus to do from 10-1 and then I was going to donate Plasma.  The weather was absolutely perfect; for the first time in weeks, it was bright and sunny.  You didn't even have to wear a large coat outside, just a sweater!....But as things would have it...everything changed.  
About 10 minutes after having been dropped off at BYU, I got a call from Carly.  The next 7 words I heard almost gave me a heart attack: "I just got into a car accident!"  I never want to hear that phrase again...knock on wood, yeah, I know.
So anyways, Carly was physically okay, as well as the other driver(I was SO glad to hear this!). It was just a simple mistake and Carly rear ended a car.  The funny part was this...the other car has basically no damage, but ours got owned! I just don't understand how that happens with cars.  You can check out the damage below...

-The radiator and the compression pump were smashed in as well as the other physical damage you can see from the picture...
-We are still waiting to hear back from the body shop   the estimate of when it will be done and what actually was damaged internally.

-Her car only had damage to the bumper as you can see...luckily our insurance will cover all of this...a bumper for the 2010 Civic would cost around $500 from a junk yard...imagine brand new...ouch.

-At least we learned a pretty good lesson that day: It's good we had a decent insurance really saved us this time.


  1. How did things turn out? So glad Carly was O.K. Sorry I have not commented...I just remembered your URL! Sheesh!

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  3. Things turned out okay. Carly and the other driver were both just fine. Insurance covered it all, and we had our car back in about 2 weeks, so it was okay. Thanks for asking!