Monday, September 20, 2010


So Saturday Carly finally got the email saying that she got the job at I'm Beautiful in Lehi...she starts the beginning of November! we are so excited about this! Today i also had my second interview at Sewell Direct and got the job! waiting almost 3 weeks to get a job isn't the best, but i'm really excited about it, they will let me work 40 hours/week until i start school again in January, then i will go part time! Our life here in Provo as a young married couple is finally coming together! we are way excited to finally be able to pay off our debts and save money!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Carly passed her written state boards!!!

So last Wednesday the 15th, Carly took her written State Board exam and aced it! I am so excited for her and know she will do great on the practical coming up in a few weeks! I surprised her that night with a special "blue" dinner; a blue dining set which we only use when celebrating. For dinner I made a four cheese chicken wrap that turned out great! (except i failed in that Carly doesn't like spinach...ha ha)
And of course, I had to pick up a bouquet of flowers as well:)